neděle 8. května 2011

Let's go to the candyland and bring some Kandee shoes back

We are all over the neon spring bright colours - pink,yellow,orange and green. What if these number one colours get combined with a killer platform and a killer heel? A sweet candyland-like shoe comes out. Kandees right from candyland. Even though you might wonder whether it's even possible to walk in these cutie pies, they are supposed to be super-comfy.  These pumps are not only addictive coloured on the front, a very contrasting bright colour is on the back of the shoe, sadly not visible on this picture. 

Glitter, studds, height, gold and also an endless sweetness is included in the Fizz collection. Will you choose the passionate red or a wild tigerish studded pump?
Every week, I'll chose one Kandee shoe and on Polyvore create an outfit I'd wear with them, so follow the blog to receive a weekly outfit bomb;)
More Kandeeland sweetness on and in the full post.

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