středa 1. června 2011


Last few days we've been too much busy to take photos as the exams are approaching and starting next Tuesday. Therefore a small hiatus is here. In the meantime take a look on these fashion videos.

First one is by KILLDARLING, a new brand to which this is a first collection. The collection is made for dream-girls, who are searching for their unicorn and Prince Charming, as their designer had said. I'd say outfits for tea parties and night parties. 


The second one is Miumiu, and their Fall-Winter Ad Campaign, directed by Madonna. I love the contrast of lila and orange, even in fall-winter. It means we'll carry the shining colours to the dull winter, which I adore even more:)And what more! The dresses with flowers on the upper body are just stunning.

And the last, and probably the one I've been in love for weeks is Wildfox Couture - Vive Le France. The video is so addictive with the song and the theme of Marie Antoniette is amazing. Macaroons, red lipsticks, white cushions, pearls and Wildfox tees - Drama queen, Parissiene, I need coffee,... are just a killing combination.

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