středa 20. listopadu 2013


Alright, this is the first out of the places-to-go-to-in-London posts. Me and the girls from my residence ended up going to Boujis club on a Tuesday night about a week ago. Boujis is a member's club right in the heart of South Kensigton, so a dress with a pair of heels was a must. All of these Chelsea-Mayfair clubs won't let girls in, if they are not wearing heels, so choosing a pair of comfortable and fashionable heels is necessary. With a table service providing belvedere vodka with cranberry juice throughout the whole night, we danced it off and had a blast during our girls-night out. I would recommend this club for a girl's having fun kind of night, as it's a very tiny club, therefore it is better to go with a bunch of your friends. I was wearing a green wallis dress, with KG clogs and YSL clutch.

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