čtvrtek 16. června 2011

Kurt Geiger obsession

Even though shoes and parrots lack to have anything in common, a UK shoe store Kurt Geiger decided to combine and feature exotic parrot's feathers in their SS 2011 campaign. Tropical birds, technicolor shoes and divine make up on models is a complete catcher in the season of neon colours.
'Women turn into birds of paradise at night...'

The wedges Genero wore in this poster I adore the most. They belong to the collection Technicolor dreams.  Pink, red and orange in three sequences strictly divided are heavenly high and I believe walking in them must be comfortable. My experience with wedges is almost satisfying and they are the only heels that don't hurt after wearing them all day long. Other shoes from the Technicolor dreams collection have colours of fuchsia, magenta, amethyst, coral red, emerald, cobalt blue, saffron yellow and tangerine orange.

'But at night I want women to be like birds of paradise.' YSL,1977

Sunset Strip day-glo collection reflects the combination of basic colours with the neon and highlighting brights. The plastic KG by Kurt Geiger mini would perfectly go with the Furla candy bag:)

Kurt Geiger turned their stores into paradise, shoes tied up hanging down from the ceiling in different levels, give an impression of birds flying in the air. The parrots, which are the subject of the whole SS11 campaign. Let's wait for the AW11:)

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  1. Amazing ! ♥ I'm follow your blog. I hope for revenge :)

    cookie-styles.blogspot,com :)


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