úterý 23. srpna 2011

I carry with me everyday

Every girl has her make-up bag she carries with herself everyday no matter what. The bag can be small, big, include everything from lipstick to powder or only a lip balsam. It depends on the girl. I like to have all my favourite and important make-up stuff with me everyday even though I don't usually use it all. But who knows? Maybe I'd feel like applying a lipstick or an emergency requiring a spot concealer will happen. Or maybe I just like to carry useless stuff in my handbag for ages before finally deciding it's actually only taking the space. 
 /HM makeup bag/
 /YSL matt touch compact foundation No.4 SPF 20/ BODY BASICS watermelon lip balm/ CLINIQUE lipstick rouge impact 17 rossete SPF 15/ YSL lip gloss pur No. 9/ YSL lipstick rouge volupte No.27/ YSL everlong mascara black/ MAYBELLINE affinitone concealer/ESSIE nailpolish/LOLITA LEMPICKA small edition perfume/MAX FACTOR eye liner black/ a mix of bracelets, hair accessories, earrings and a ring
 /YSL matt touch compact foundation with my favourite pearl bracelets/
 /a detail of a flower ring from Bath/

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