sobota 27. srpna 2011

Jenny Packham

Few blog posts ago, I mentioned Jenny Packham, one of the best designers these days. Jenny Packham is a British designer mostly famous for her bridal gowns, for which she also won a prize this year as The Best Bridal Designer. Her stores can be found in UK and in future probably the US. Her commercial success made her make appearances in the brand stores such as Harrods and also allowed her to dress celebrities such as Keira Knightley, Beyonce and Blake Lively. 

Her Ready To Wear Fall Collection 2011 had a great success during the NYFW and brightened up the runway shows. Here I bring you some of my favourite picks from the collection. I fell in love with the nude line in the collection combined with sparklings and the ruffled frills. I believe it is a new black for the fall/winter as it was last year, therefore I can't wait for my camel coat to be worn. 
The second line I adore from the fall collection is the one featuring the gold dresses and accessories. I'd do anything to have the gold-black blazer from the first picture for the upcoming new fall party season. The other three dresses are also eye-catching with the gold shades combined with black or silver glitter.
Metal grey cocktail dresses either with exposed shoulders or with a collar and long sleeves are just adorable. Jenny Packham kept her signature in the glitter shining at you. I again love the blazer worn on the first dress. The first two dresses are more of a party stuff, the third one however due to its sleeves and the collar is more appropriate for formal events, but still has its spark.

What had also caught my eye was the Ready To Wear S/S 2011 where she introduced her collection full of flattering frills, her favourite glitter and beads but most importantly the transparency. The transparent blouses and partly dresses are most eye-catching. Jenny Packham introduced in her spring summer collection already one of the most important trends of the season of Fall 2011.

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