středa 24. srpna 2011

Shopping diary of summer traveller

August the month, where lions have birthdays and so do I. I've celebrated my birthday in Greece, at an Island near to Turkey; Kos. It was a paradise, I've enjoyed the week very much! Few days before that I made a trip for Kite boarding to Turkey. I went through the shops at Marmarise and a shop Pologarage caught my eye. I bought there a dress and a shirt, later on in Greece I bought three pairs of shoes and some awsome jewlerry!
Shoes, shoes, shoes. I love shoes, is there a girl that doesn't? I bought stylyst boots into rain, which I am looking forward to wear in autumn, have a check!

What really made me happy and what I also realizes I've needed was the Dior set of make up. It has in six shades, three and three which are made really cleverly since there is always a base, and shade over that deending on the intensity you want. One side goes with the colour towards pink and the second one is there to make you the queen of the night, with golden and black shades.
Dior make up set

Allthough this set won't be really needed in the summer time, since all I need is a little bit of rouge on my lips and maybe a little mascara, something easy a bag, flip-flops and I am off to go:) One last thing needed would be a retro bicycle, where I wouldn't have to drive the tram or bus anymore.
And here are only few more pictures of the places I visited and I would recomend! x

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  1. Nádherné fotky, make-up set bych také brala, bohužel nemám moc možností se malovat.

  2. Dekuju :) To je spíš na takový občasný oživení, měla by sis ho určitě pořídit je to super věcička, a i s make-upem můžeš vypadat naprosto přirozeně:)


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